The EDEN Experience

This walk is taking us right into the Heartbeat of Jamaica, the name given to the city of Kingston.

It's natural for most people to automatically think that it is only considered a TRUE vacation once they are along the northern coast, or typically many miles away from their homes (myself included).


But I spent a few days at the Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. So depending on your vacation needs and, or preferences, this resort on 39 Lady Musgrave Road could be the spot for you!


Like any other hotel in Kingston, it falls pretty much within the hustle and bustle. So I bet you're wondering why on earth would you want to be caught in the midst of that? However as the name suggests, the word Wellness refers to one being in a state of physical, mental and social well-being. Which is pretty much a summary of my days there - I was completely at peace. 


My experience started at their Tulips Restaurant for B R E D R I N  'N'   B E E R S, held every Thursday evening kicking off at about 6pm. It wasn't too much of a packed night, which gave myself and my friends the opportunity to enjoy the decks of cards and dominoes available at our table, in comfort. Naturally, I looked for my little piece of Jamaica in the food menu, which brought me to their saltfish FLITTAZ (formally referred to as Stamp & Go/Fritters), which just so happened to be on special for $500 JMD. Now come on, for only $500 JMD you receive a beer and a platter of flittaz.

Hello? was this night made for me, or what?

If you aren't too familiar with me, I AM A FOODIE.

My friends also took advantage of another deal which was $1000 for any flask of liquor with one free chaser. 

The following day became my day of complete relaxation, as I utilized my Tulips Couples Affair Gift Certificate which provided a mani pedi for Sheldon & I at Eden Spa, along with a complimentary lunch or dinner from Tulips restaurant. (check out their menu here


With soothing music, detox water and comfortable massage chairs... 


Not too long after, I became Picasso. Yes, Picasso. 

Let me explain..

Andy and Victoria, leading Eden Gardens' Art Splash held on Fridays for $3500 JMD per person, transformed myself and Shaquiel into artists in the span of 3 hours (7pm-10pm), which was a bit longer than we anticipated.

We used our Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby bear brushes to create our African inspired masterpieces entitled Mama Africa. When you see my artwork you'd never think I was an art student for my entire high school life, but alas!

We had a great time creating, while Andy ran up and down, having us turn the room into some sort of Art Splash Karaoke, as well as answering a few questions regarding Jamaica and art for prizes.

Now in the midst of all this, I spent some time around the property, lounging around by the pool, meeting other hotel guests, enjoying the juice bar and of course..... more food.

Now to avoid becoming the crispy chicken sandwich that I had every day during my few days there, I tried to take the time for some exercise.

So I took an impromptu visit to the resort's gym, and boy was it a bad decision (in a good way that is).

PS: Don't be like me and forget your sneakers. 

Rohan, the gym trainer, gave myself and Ziggi - my gym partner for the day, a few unique partner exercises that definitely had us working up a sweat and feeling the burn. (now you see my dilemma)

I definitely can't deny that I felt great afterwards.

Rohan was very motivating, and made us believe we could effectively execute every exercise he demonstrated to us, but a workout is a workout and we were BEAT.

The highlight of my time there however, would be getting to stay in the Magnolia Suite. I absolutely loved having a spacious room and it came with various tea bags (I love tea), a few beers in the mini fridge and an Eden Gardens branded bath robe ( I also love bath robes).


PS: If you're looking for a more luxurious and colourful robe, to walk around in at home or on vacation, SLEEP DARLING has it all!  


Thanks for walking on this tour of Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa with me!

It serves as a great getaway, with a great arrangement of flora and fauna, numerous fountains, friendly staff and good food; as us Jamaicans would call a "one stop shop" for varying experiences.


It could just be the hidden treasure for us Kingstonians!

Be sure to check it out and share your highlights with me!


Check out my fun recap videos below, and if you want The Eden Experience, Gustazos has a few deals running right now. 


Bredrin 'N' Beer!

 Eden Spa!


 The Gym Experience!



See you next time, as we go RightRounDiCorna with me, JadeLauren!




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