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As we continue on this journey through the beautiful parish of Portland (referred to as Naturally), let's take a walk through a town which has a lot MOORE to offer than you may think. 


Moore Town, Jamaica 

The largest Maroon settlement in Jamaica, nestled within the Blue & John Crow Mountains in Portland, is Moore Town. In the midst of all the narrow roads, endless hillside views, rows of banana crops and its natural flora and fauna, lies Bump Grave. The slightly elevated, monumental representation of the freedom attained by the Maroons, led by Jamaica's only female National Hero, Nanny of the Maroons. 


Maroons, the name given to runaway slaves. 

Moore Town formerly, New Nanny Town managed to house a combination of runaway slaves who were enslaved by the British and Spanish. Throughout the years of warfare with the British, the maroons grew in numbers capturing more of the land, demanding their freedom which was granted through the peace treaty signed by Nanny's brother, Cudjoe, in 1739. 


Moore Town founded  by Nanny of the Maroons, acclaimed its title of being the largest settlement through Nanny's persistence to have more land for her people.


Here's to the women who have a dream and will stop at nothing to achieve it!

On another note, fun fact! The Blue and John Crow Mountains is recognized as a World Heritage Site.

But before I close, I thought it would be nice to share that my walk didn't end after such an emotionally encapsulating visit to Bump Grave; as I took some steam off by admiring DeMontevin Lodge Hotel. Now to be frank, I have a weakness for old architecture and this Victorian inspired red and white beauty caught my eye in seconds!! Talk about OLD WORLD CHARM!   

Now surprisingly, this little lodge located on Titchfield Hill was actually built by the Custos of Portland, the Hon. David Gideon in 1923. Believe it or not, this lodge with its quaint and humble appearance happened to be a 'home away from home' for Queen Elizabeth in the year it was erected; which made way for Queen Elizabeth II, who ironically visited the lodge twice , in 1953 and 1966.  


Unfortunately over the years, I would say, DeMontevin Lodge isn't necessarily sought after by Jamaicans. I also believe, maybe there's a bit more to be done to enhance the visitor experience but  depending on what you're looking for, it could still be that little touch of home for anyone wanting to rest their head for the night.


DeMontevin Lodge does have a range in room options, with some rooms paired with shared bathrooms ranging from $4000 JMD to $9000 JMD with a mixture of single and double beds, and variant room sizes. Rooms with private bathrooms ranging from $9000 JMD to $12,000 JMD with a mixture of single and double bed options. 


With Love,



Here's a fun recap video of my journey to Bump Grave and DeMontevin Lodge Hotel.

 See you next time, as we go RightRounDiCorna with me, JadeLauren!


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