With Love, Naturally

Portland, Jamaica the northeastern parish referred to as Naturally

For a parish boasting such natural beauty, with clear blue waters and extensively lush woodlands, offering more than what meets the eye; it was only right to start our journey here.


Take a walk with me, we begin with the infamous Folly Ruins.

After a long stretch of road with an amazing view, followed by a narrow dirt road leading to a vast area of land, along with a few turns and a little help from a man cycling by, here we are. I must say it filled me with such awe and wonder, making my imagination run wild as to what this building could've been; don't be fooled though I had a little fear in me somewhere, seeing as though it is a crumbling mansion.


For something of such grandeur, its hard to refer to it as Folly Ruins when it demands to be noticed and taken seriously. However, like everything else in this world, there's a little story behind its name. Let me explain.

This Roman-like architectural building boasting colonnades and what would've been an open floor plan is nestled in Folly point with a magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea. Essentially, the building is what one would deem as an ideal romantically, secluded getaway for a couple, or so Alfred Mitchell thought.

Alfred Mitchell, from Connecticut and his wife Annie, member of the Royal Tiffany family, fell in love with the land and so he built this monumental building in 1905

The building was said to have about 60 rooms, and numerous other luxurious features allowing for a comfortable home for the Mitchells.

Legend has it however, that he mixed the concrete with salt water during construction resulting in rotten steel and a deteriorating mansion.

It seems that the name Folly Ruins, compliments the folly actions of Alfred.

Surprisingly, however over the past 100 years the remnants of this structure are still standing strong.


As a believer in love, I guess I would say that it just might be the symbolic representation of the love Alfred and Annie might have shared; a love with a solid foundation. 


Below is a fun recap video of my visit highlighting the building in all its glory.

Watch, subscribe and get ready to take a walk with me again soon as I continue my With Love,

Naturally, series. 


See you next time, as we go RightRounDiCorna with me, JadeLauren!


Also, here's a quick interesting fact! Folly Ruins definitely resembles the building in the final scene of the 1989 thriller, The Mighty Quinn, starring Denzel Washington. Check it out, see for yourself!


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